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Smafan Refer and Earn: Introducing a shopping company to shop for smart ceiling fans & lights.

Join the Smafan to shop and get these benefits on purchases:

  • 15% off coupon on join.
  • 15% off voucher on invites.
  • Credit points on every shopping.
  • And save more.

For sure:

This company has already credited some points to my account because I had done a few online tasks.

Smafan Balance

Which brand of lights or ceiling fans are you using in your houses? Is it simple or are the smart fans? Tell us with our team.

If you need this brand product. So jump straight into it!

Smafan is a shopping platform that offers the most sustainable Carro ceiling fans and smart lights, which are controlled by smartphones.

Check out the other items like smart switches, gas cooktops, mattresses, shower faucets with handheld, tub faucets, and much more.

Along with shopping, users can earn referral rewards by sharing the unique referral link and win the rewards hassle-free.

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Read the simple instructions below and follow the steps carefully to get rewarded.

Smafan Refer & Earn

Smafan Refer and Earn Terms:

1. Give & Get 15% Voucher on Invites | Referral Code

1) The shoppers will get an instant 15% discounts from this Smafan company after opening an account and make a first purchase.

2) When a referee makes any order of product items in Smafan, the referrer will receive a coupon voucher at their address.

3) One coupon is usable at a time on the shopping page, and everyone can benefit from product orders.

4) 100 points is equivalent to a $5 voucher, which is applied to shopping. Customers can also avail themselves of it later in shopping.

5) The Smafan referral program is unique and the reward is not unique, which everyone can earn more on their performance.

Smafan Refer and Earn Overview:

Refer and Earn AppSmafan
Smafan Referral Code0BsPFD2O
Web Link
Signup Bonus15% Coupon
Referral Bonus15% Coupon

How to Shop the Fan or Light Products:

1) Tap on the Smafan online shopping site from the link to visit there, and you will land there.

2) So complete your profile by tapping on the profile icon, and when the form opens, so move there.

3) Next, enter the information, such as your first name, last name, email address, and the correct password.

4) Use this Smafan refer and earn code: 0BsPFD2O (optional).

Smafan Link

5) The account is set up, and you can shop for products online from there, so explore the online catalogs.

6) You can search for products directly from the search bar, such as ceiling fans, lighting, smart switches, accessories, and more.

7) Now, add the searchable items to the basket, and you just need to pay the amounts.

8) As per the company policy, your 15% amount is saved, and you can use it later.

How to Share the Smafan Refer and Earn:

1) If you have got your Smafan account so that, you can refer to an existing account.

2) Then, you can see the rewards icon in the right below corner, so press to open a tab.

3) The link has already been generated, and you need to just copy it from the given clipboard.

4) Now, share the refer link with your friends on social media Facebook, Twitter, or others.


Join for once in the Smafan and shop multiple times from this brand with savings.

How much amount did you pay & save online in the Smafan company?

Comment us below your savings and check out these Earningkart.

Smafan Refer and Earn FAQs:

What is Smafan?

Smafan is the platform which sells the smart fans and the lights at the discount values.

Can I save on the Smafan?

Yes, you can save on the Smafan product items, when you use the coupons or use the points.

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