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Arteza Refer and Earn: Today, I will speak you about a crafting company to buys craft products named Arteza.

Register on Arteza and receive the following advantages:

  • £15 off coupon voucher.
  • 300 points on referrals.
  • Save on using the coupon.
  • More advantage freely.

I have found the best-crafted products, including painting supplies, which I will order at low value.

Do you want to go for the drawing or crafting supplies items? Share your response with us and move ahead.

Know something about the referral program!

Arteza is the best Indian company that provides or sells crafting, drawing, and painting supplies, including office & studio items.

Here, you can find genuine quality product items, and any user can view them, but the registered person can make purchases.

Artezza Shop

Check these items: Adhesive Clay, Wood Crafting, Books, Paper, Markers, Pencil, Pens, Paint, Canvas, Brushes, Boards, Writing Tools, and much more.

However, this company gives more ways to earn, and one is a referral program, where a person can invite others and get referral credits and coupon vouchers.

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If you clearly understand about this company. Then, check out the terms below and follow the referral steps as given.

  Arteza Refer & Earn

Arteza Refer and Earn Terms:

1. Get £15 Credits on Invites | Referral Code

1) The registered Arteza customer will receive a £15 coupon voucher from the Arteza company after registration.

2) Once the other person joins with a given link and makes their purchase or completes an order, then the referrer will receive £15 or 300 points.

3) The customers/users have to pay a minimum order value of more than £60, and the users can save on their shopping in minimum order.

4) The maximum coupon voucher value is £15, and the earned coupon is 100% usable only on this brand’s purchases.

5) A user can invite many friends in their referral network, which means there is no limit on inviting.

Arteza Refer and Earn Overview:

Arteza Referral Code5lavg2d
Web Link
Signup Bonus£15
Referral Bonus£15

How to Avail the Signup Reward:

1) Move to the Arteza shopping page from this link and visit the official shopping company page.

2) When you visit the Arteza shopping page, then choose the above profile tab and click on the Login button.

3) Now, you need to enter your proper details like your first name, last name, email address and password.

4) Afterward, add the Arteza refer and earn code: 5lavg2d (optional).

Arteza Link

5) If you have entered this information, then go to the product page to check all the mentioned product items.

6) A welcome bonus is activated in terms of the coupon voucher, which will automatically used at the checkout page.

7) Search for the products or open catalogues to find the best supplies or items and add them to the basket.

8) Move there to see the product and add the delivery address properly to receive the item, and coupons will be used.

9) Lastly, pay the rest of the amount to receive products.

How to Share the Arteza Refer and Earn:

1) When you move to the Arteza shopping page, then sign in with an old account to refer.

2) Then, search for the Rewards tab and at the end page, you can see the section.

Arteza Referrals

3) So open it from there and generate the invite link by adding the email address.

4) Invite your friends with the given link and tell your friends to earn the rewards simultaneously.


Explore the best crafts, books, or other supplies good for designing.

How much did you save on your Arteza products?

Share the saving value via the comment box and open the Earningkart page for once.

Arteza Refer and Earn FAQs:

Is Arteza sells craft products?

It sells the genuine craft & painting product items.

How I share link on Arteza?

You need to generate the refer link and then you can invite by sharing your referral link.

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