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Bokksu Refer and Earn: I will discuss the snacks company named Bokksu.

Join this Bokksu online and get the benefits simultaneously:

  • $15 off coupon on invite.
  • $15 voucher on new account.
  • Save on online snacks.
  • And more benefits.

I got the reward coupon from the Bokksu platform after an account was opened.

Booksu Snack Box

Do you need a coupon similar to ours? If you need the free coupon voucher from the Bokksu.

Then join now and move to the referral program!

Bokksu is a Japanese company that is known for its best-selling snacks that are authentic so customers can trust this brand.

It has made many brands like Bokksu Snack Box, Bokksu Boutique, Hello Kitty & Friends, Bokksu Market, and many more.

Company is still running a refer program and under the program, anyone can joins for the rewards.

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Following are the major instructions, and you need to listen to them.

 Bokksu Refer & Earn

Bokksu Refer and Earn Terms:

1. Get a $15 Off Coupon on Invite | Referral Code

1) New users can save a maximum of $15 on the Bokksu online orders after opening a new account and shopping.

2) If your friend shops for minimum order value from the Bokksu, you will get a free coupon reward in points to the wallet.

3) The earned amount will be transferred to the wallet in points, equivalent to dollars, so that you can use it.

4) Reward points will automatically used at the checkout page in the Bokksu snacks or other product items in the collection.

5) The referral program is applicable for every user, and a minimum order value is $40.

Bokksu Refer and Earn Overview:

Refer and Earn AppBokksu
Bokksu Referral Codesuucivf
Web Link
Signup Bonus$15
Referral Bonus$15

How to Shop on Online Snacks:

1) Tap the Booksu online page from the given link or visit the shopping page directly.

2) Next, click on the above profile tab, and the form will open to register a new account or become a member.

3) So, if you have an old Google account, join with an existing account or use the new credentials to sign in.

4) Now, add the proper email address, confirm with the received verification code and add more information.

5) Enter the first name, last name, password, strong password, and confirm with signup.

6) Also, apply this Bokksu refer and earn code: suucivf (optional).

Bokksu Link

7) If you successfully sign in, move to the product shopping page and click the Subscribe Now tab.

8) Here, you need to complete your subscription to purchase a snack box and select 1 month, 3 month, six month, or 12 months.

9) Add them to the basket/cart and move there to complete your transaction.

How to Share the Bokksu Refer and Earn:

1) To bring your friends to the Bokksu, you need to generate a simple, unique refer link.

2) So go to the page/reward section, and after going there, you have to enter the email address.

Bokksu Referral Friend

3) After entering the address, generate the link and copy this link from the clipboard.

4) Share this generated link and tell them to complete a first purchase for the rewards.


Explore the Bokksu properly and get the best taste of snacks or other things.

How much money did you save using reward points in Bokksu?

Tell us in the below section about your savings and check out these Earningkart.

Bokksu Refer and Earn FAQs:

Is Bokksu a Japan brand?

Yes, the Bokksu is a Japan brand and which provides snacks eating items.

How I refer friends on Bokksu?

You need to just generate the refer link on Bokksu to get the reward.

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